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Regrow Hair Naturally At Home

The most public explanations have to do with stress, nervousness, poor diet and hormonal imbalances. There are also specific medications and autoimmune diseases that cause loss of strength in your hair. And as for the solutions, we propose the natural remedies, ideal to avoid the sometimes expensive traditionally recommended products. After researching a lot, experts found how to avoid hair loss basing the solution on various products, keep in mind that the body will better absorb the natural than the artificial. This is like when you take the pills of vitamin C, your body is not able to assimilate the entire amount of vitamins, so the body itself rejects most, but if you eat a kiwi or strawberries, You will certainly get a lot more vitamin C. With hair happens the same if you put chemicals, finasteride, auspicious, minoxidil, pilexil capsules, miraculous shampoos, etc., the body will tend to reject it, and as soon as you stop using it, you will return to the sad reality. Read today how to regrow hair naturally at home.

Home Remedies To Regrow Hair For Women

We come from nature, so from nature itself, we can find many solutions to human problems. Fortunately, there are countless home remedies for hair loss very effective and without side effects.
·         Correct application of massages
·         Herbal rinses.
·         Do not use conditioners.
·         The brush you should use.
·         Rub.
·         Affirmations
·         Flax seeds.
·         Amla.
·         Essential oils
·         Shampoos
·         Spray….. And much more!

Let's see below the complete list of the detail of each one:

1. Head Massage O Regrow Hair Fast

Unlike what many people think, massages are not meaningless things, or rustic issues are not applicable. Massages are one of the most important rituals for hair and scalp health. It helps you improve blood circulation, and drains toxins from the scalp. You can perform massages without applying any substance, but personally, I have obtained very good results using oils.  The best oils you can find for this purpose are coconut, olive, linseed, butter, avocado, and castor oil (diluted with any other oil).

Simply apply the oil of your choice evenly over your head, and gently massage with the fingertips. Do not do it for more than 15 minutes. Leave on for an hour, and rinse. Do it once a week.

2. Herbal Rinse To Regrow Hair

It is the perfect way to nourish and condition your hair. You must use it after the shampoo. One of my favorite remedy is that of reetha-shikakai, however, you can create your own according to your needs. You can choose the following herbs: chamomile, amla, shikakai, hibiscus, rosemary, calendula, lavender, amla, sage, reetha, horsetail, fenugreek (methi), lemon, orange, nettle, and mint. Several of them can be used as shampoo for hair loss.

3. Stay away from conditioners, wax, gel, and others if you want to regrow your hair

I have completely stopped using any chemical to model the hair, or condition it, that all it does is inject more chemicals that are not necessary for the health of your hair. The more chemicals you use, the more damage you will do. Instead of this, you can use certain natural conditioners that do not need rinsing. Among the main oils that you can use throughout the day, are coconut, almond, jojoba oil; and among the best butter, you can use: aloe.

Mode of use: Take a small amount, no larger than the size of a pea, oil or butter, and rub it between your hands, and apply to your hair wet or dry, and avoid touching the roots. Simple.

4. Use A Wide Brush Of Wooden Teeth

The fine comb tends to damage the new hair that is growing and can also cause injuries to the scalp. The wooden teeth are the softest; your hair will thank you. In addition, this type of brushes helps you distribute the bait (natural oil) from the scalp to the hair.

So if you want to regrow the hair especially for women, and you want it to grow totally healthy, discard the brushes or combs of fine bristles, and replace it with one of the wood bristles. And if you've already done it, it's a big step.

5. Rubbing the nails

Maybe it sounds absurd what I'm going to say, but I've used it, and I recommend it. Rubbing the nails, with each other, for 10 minutes a day, is a very good hair antacids. It is an old technique and works similarly to reflexology - forming energy channels. The result of this technique is supported by those who have used it constantly, and there are many followers and advocates of this ancient practice but still has no scientific support to certify its veracity. Even so, remember that I am listing what has worked for me personally.

6. Affirmations work

The process of regrowing hair in the entrances, or in any other area where you suffer from alopecia, is definitely not as easy as taking something, and that something will do all the work while you watch TV comfortably. It requires constancy, and that consistency is achieved by being positive. If you are losing hair, the first thing to do is to be sure that you will achieve your goal, this will help you to carry out all the necessary steps to achieve your goal. You can create your own affirmations and visualize when you receive them. So please, avoid the negative thoughts as you continue with this process.

7. Eat flax seeds

A daily dose of flax seeds will help your hair grow bright and really beautiful. These seeds are loaded with fatty amino acids, omega 3, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins of group B, a true avalanche of benefits to regenerate the hair.

How should you eat them? Sprinkle some ground flax seeds on your food, sandwich, salad, or whatever you eat. You can also add them to juices, smoothies, or any other drink.

8. Exercise

Yes !!, I know !!, I know it sounds trite, repetitive, and so on, but it's vital!. Look at the following. When you exercise, you sweat, and you manage to unclog hair follicles clogged with dead skin and fat, giving enough space to recover damaged or lost hair, it's simple !!. Exercise also increases the flow of blood directed to your scalp, this increase in blood flow does not come alone, but brings with it nutrients and oxygen, thus promoting the growth of new hair. I hope that now you realize how important it is.

So recovering your hair is not a lost mission, I recommend that you lift the sofa ... and take several walks a week, dance, play, run, do yoga, go to the gym, whatever you like! But get up and move!

9. How To Regrow Hair Naturally?

Avoid squeezing your hair with hair or braids, any tight style will add tension to the roots, and you will lose more hair. So if you prolong those hairstyles for a long time, you will finally achieve the appearance of bald areas on your head. Occasionally you can do it, I mean you should not do it every day.

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10. Amla

Amla is an antioxidant, with a high content of vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, and tannins. Eating amla frees stops hair loss, eliminates gray hair.  Due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, you can also apply its juice or oil, directly on the scalp, which helps reverse dandruff.

How To Use It?

You can use Amla juice with coconut oil or amla oil to perform massages on the head. However, the most effective option is to eat fresh or dried amla every day. I have another good option - I take 1 teaspoon of amla powder with a glass of water every morning - It is one of the best detox drinks you can find.

11. Regrow Hair Fast With Lentils And Beans!

I'm 95% vegetarian, but I have my share of protein and iron with very tasty lentils and beans. As you know, hair is mainly made up of proteins, and the lack of protein in your diet slows down the process of regrowing hair, and may even cause total baldness.

Iron is another vital nutrient for the growth of new hair; it promotes the transport of oxygen to the cells. Little oxygen transported, affects hair growth. So make sure you're eating enough protein and iron in your diets.

12. Key Fruits And Vegetables

Your hair needs, if or if, a regular supply of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, biotin, zinc. Fruits and vegetables, such as orange, banana, berries, kiwi, apple, apricot, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, carrot, squash, and melon should be consumed in sufficient quantities, as they provide the necessary nutrients that are required for the healthy hair growth.

13. Herbal Oils To Regrow Hairline Naturally

Oils for herbal hair inlets have been an integral part of basic hair care. Herbal infusion oils such as amla, bacopa, hibiscus, calendula, rosemary, lavender contain tons of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols, fatty acids, vitamins and natural resources that penetrate the scalp and promote hair growth.

These oils also offer anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-redness properties that help keep the scalp healthy and free of dandruff. I leave you a tip:

-      Heat the oil so that it is warm, but not too hot. And you use it to massage the scalp.
-      Keep your head in a shower cap for one hour. After that, rinse the hair with shampoo.
-      Did you know how to stop hair loss with mayonnaise? I have to tell you that it is an excellent conditioner. Spread an abundant mass in your hair, put on a shower cap for an hour and then wash your hair.

Try rubbing the scalp with garlic, onion and ginger juice. Use only one of these juices, do not mix! Leave the juice on all night and wash your hair in the morning.

Green tea in the hair: The green tea contains antioxidants that can prevent hair loss and promote new growth at the same time.
-      Leave two bags of green tea steep in a cup of water. Wait for it to cool a bit, and apply the tea to the hair.

-      You have to leave the tea for an hour, then rinse the hair thoroughly.
Boil potatoes with rosemary. It is one more strategy on how to stop hair loss. Strain the liquid and use it every day with your hairbrush.

14. Life Style!

Has it always occurred to you that your hair falls like leaves in autumn? Well, it happened to me. I was doing everything right, like eating healthy, exercising, but ... wham! The hair fell in piles. What was happening?.

The reason: excessive worry or stress.  Stress affects all of our couples, and hair is no exception. No doubt it favors hair loss, and it is not my intention here to put it as the main cause, but rather as an additional condiment that promotes, based on other factors, hair loss.

What to do?: You must find time to relax. You must participate in anti-stress activities such as yoga, walking in nature, meditation,  ecology. You can see also discuss with a friend, family member or seek professional support.

15. Read The Labels On Hair Regrowth Products

The harsh shampoos have caused me countless problems, such as the scalp with excess itching, scaly, harsh, dry hair, and the related hair loss. Shampoos, conditioners and hair products may contain aggressive chemicals, such as propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, phthalates, artificial colors, artificial fragrances (also known as "perfume"), parabens, etc. These synthetic chemicals can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, itching of the scalp and even hair loss.

What to do ?: Learn to read labels and buy hair regrowth products that contain safe and natural ingredients.

16. Natural Juices

You can use any of these juices to massage your scalp: garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Let it work all night and wash it thoroughly the next morning. It is an excellent way to stop hair loss.

17. Antioxidants

Make a mixture of water with two bags of green tea, heat it, and apply it directly to the scalp. Leave it on for one hour, and then rinse it. Green tea contains antioxidants that will help you avoid hair loss and sticharness.

18. Additional Options

Add some vitamins to your daily diet:

ü  Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps regulate the secretion of sebum from the scalp.
ü  Vitamin E stimulates circulation. It is very important to have a good circulation in the scalp to keep the hair follicles active. Vitamin E helps nourish damaged hair and also prevents breakage. It helps the body's ability to produce keratin in the strands of hair, so as to prevent its rupture. As a supplement, along with 400 IU of antioxidant vitamin E, it is a good idea to grow hair, healthy and bright.
ü  Vitamin B: helps the body produce melanin, which is useful for hair and bright colors. In addition, melanin stimulates blood circulation.
ü  Vitamin C: you should know that collagen covers all strands of hair, but as we get older the collagen breaks down, causing the hair to be more prone to falling off. The best way to increase collagen is not necessarily through a series of expensive medical procedures, but by the consumption of vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, strawberries, and red peppers. Including 250 mg of vitamin C in your daily routine, it will help stimulate the production of collagen, and thus you kill 2 birds with one stone: you reduce wrinkles and promote hair growth.

Finally, I just want to add that you have to maintain patience. Starting any new treatment will take you about 3 months average, natural solutions take longer, but they are also more durable over time.

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